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“Roaring Currents”: Korean Propaganda?

29 Oct

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The country that brought us Samsung and LG, Korea has been absolutely killing it when it comes to technological advances and modernization. The latest talk in the film industry is the 2014 Korean production Roaring Currents, whose trailer is below:

Directed by Kim Han-min, whose short films won many accolades in Film Festivals around the world, is getting much international attention because of this, his latest film on the 1597 Battle of Myeongnyang, which saw an important Korean naval victory against Japanese invaders.

It’s the kind of story with universal appeal, a David vs Goliath tale of Korea’s paltry 12 ships defeating Japan’s 330 ships. However, many of the film’s detractors are calling it anti-Japanese, with online commenters going so far as to call it Korean propaganda.

An understandable assumption; tensions between Korea and Japan are at an all-time high, centering mostly on the issue of comfort women- something which, ironically, Korea itself is fighting among its locals, with news of a group of US comfort women filing a lawsuit against the South Korean government for forcing them into sexual slavery for the American military based in Korea.

Roaring Currents reportedly had the highest weekend receipt in South Korean cinema history:

In the five days since it hit screens, it has earned around 36.8 billion won, according to the Korean Film Council’s official tally. On both Saturday and Sunday, more than one million paying customers went to watch the movie, the first time that level was broken. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Actor Choi Min-sik won Actor of the Year at the Asia Star Awards as well as Best Actor at the Buil Film Awards this year. The film had its US opening last August.

GoneGirlPosterGillian Flynn’s wildly popular novel, Gone Girl, has been adapted by the author herself into a screenplay that will be making its way to theaters October 3rd.  David Fincher, the man responsible for directing the movie starring Ben Affleck, Rosemund Pike, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris tells the story of a young married man who faces public scrutiny when his wife disappears from their home unexpectedly.

Nine Inch Nails front man, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross were responsible for creating the score used throughout the movie.  Inspiration for the duo was “really terrible music you hear in massage parlors,” according to Pitchfork.  The score was recorded while Reznor toured with Nine Inch Nails.

A small preview of “The Way He Looks at Me” was released to the public this week.  To sum it up in one word, it’s eerie, and precisely the type of score you would expect from Reznor and a movie like “Gone Girl.”  Anyone wanting a taste of what they’ll hear in the theaters in a couple of weeks can visit  The comments left on YouTube praise Reznor’s work and call it Oscar-worthy.GoneGirlPinterest

“Gone Girl” is getting a lot of hype.  Fans of the book can feel the suspense mounting as new photos and teasers are released to the movie’s social media accounts.  There’s even a Pinterest account for the fictional “Amazing Amy” for people to view.  Each pinned item allows fans to get to know “Gone Girl” Amy Dunne more.  There’s even a board titled For Nick that contains miscellaneous items including scotch, whiskey stones, and Mr. and Mrs. Burlap throw pillows.  Everything on the boards alludes to a happy marriage, but looks can be deceiving as viewers later find out by watching the film.

“Gone Girl” Movie Poster Photo Courtesy of “Gone Girl” Facebook Page

“Gone Girl” Pinterest Account Photo Courtesy of “Gone Girl” Pinterest Page

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If a 1,100 mile hike up the Pacific Crest Trail isn’t enough to “clear your head,” nothing will.  Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, knows this firsthand.  After a series of disastrous events including a divorce, the death of her mother, and a brief stint on the streets, the twenty-something made the long journey from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State alone and without any experience or training.  Her book, a New York Times Bestseller and Oprah 2.0 Book Club selection, was voted Best Nonfiction Book of 2012 by The Boston Globe and Entertainment Weekly.

Director Jean-Marc Vallee of “Dallas Buyers Club” fame joined forces with Reese Witherspoon to bring Strayed’s story to the big screen.  Witherspoon plays the lead and co-produced the film.  To prepare for the role, she spent time getting to know Strayed intimately.  The two were together at the film’s premiere at the Telluride Film Festival.  Witherspoon was quoted by as saying, ““I don’t know which one of us cried more watching this.”

“Wild” takes its toll on the emotions.  Written with a female audience in mind, it pulls at the heartstrings.  Witherspoon, an accomplished actress, is said to have given her best onscreen performance since “Walk the Line.”  An Oscar nod is thought to be headed her way.  Mixed reviews, however, question the film’s need to revisit the past.  It is said the reason behind the journey is significantly less important than the journey itself.  The hike and what it had to teach Strayed is what’s important.  Only time will tell how others will view the film as it makes its way to Vancouver next.

“Wild” opens in theaters nationwide on December 5th.

Wild Movie Poster Courtesy of

Cheryl Strayed Photo Courtesy of

Review: The Flowers of War

9 Jun

Author: guestblog | Filed under: Box Office, Foreign, Reviews

If there’s one highly acclaimed movie about the Second World War, it has to be The Flowers of War. Inspired by a novel based on a personal account of the wartime events, the film delves on the experiences of women when China was invaded by the Japanese and how the Nanking massacre occurred.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, the movie featured English actor Christian Bale on the lead role playing the character of a mortician named John Miller who found refuge in a group of women including school girls and prostitues and helped them escape from the Japanese soldiers. Filming took place right in Nanjing, China and lasted for six months.


Geling Yan, the author of the novel that inspired the film, is a Chinese-American who happened to read a personal account of the war by an American missionary named Minnie Vautrin. The missionary was managing a college in Nanjing at that time. Yan, for her part, said she was so inspired by the account prompting her to write a novel based on the perspective of a 13-year-old girl. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Blogs on Movie Reviews

24 Feb

Author: guestblog | Filed under: Reviews

movie reviews

Movies are produced around the world on a regular basis. Some are backed by major film networks while the others are done independently by small groups or individuals with minimal budgets. Regardless, they make the movie industry alive and entertain people of all ages.

Statistics from the popular Internet Movie Database (IMDB) shows that among countries active in film productions, India tops the list. The U.S., Japan, China and France follow in the top 5.

Movie fans always look forward to the next film releases whether in their own country or abroad. Fortunately with the internet, they can now easily keep track of upcoming movies via reviews by professional bloggers and critics. Here are some blogs worth following if you want honest reviews without much celebrity worship. Read the rest of this entry »

Social media has indeed made wonders to many people whether in writing or in taking photos. Today, there are a growing number of people active on social networking sites who have become so creative while using Instagram.

If there’s one unique and well though of project on this famous photo sharing site, it has to be that of a French artist named Thomas Jullien. Thomas created a short film that featured 852 Instagram photos not of his own but from the site’s users. The photos covered several important cities including Berlin, Paris, New York and Sydney making the short film into a world tour.

According to Thomas Jullien, his goal was to “create structure out of chaos” and he did achieve that with his crowd source film. He believes that Instagram is a great resource for all types of photos but just lacks structure.

The short stop-motion kind of film was amazingly done and displayed photos of similar tourist spots in four international cities in split seconds such that it brings the viewer to different places around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Geeks love movies whether it’s about a high-tech production, one that’s based on a comic hero, an action or adventure film with a futuristic setting or even one with a horror twist. They go for films that let their imaginations work, those that allow them to create their own worlds although not necessarily in the sense of encouraging them to make it a reality.

There have been movies in the past that provided a lot of inspiration to geeks. But then again, there are also many new and upcoming films that have great potential in attracting this set of movie fans who love technology.

The Classics


The Matrix, a science fiction action film, was a big hit in 1999. Starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, the movie that took place in a dystopian future boasts of rapid twists and turns that were created through a visual effect called “bullet time.” Read the rest of this entry »

7 Ways to Break Into the TV Business

14 Aug

Author: Polly | Filed under: Features


Do you dream of working in television, whether it’s as an actor, writer, producer, or even network owner? It might seem like an impossible dream, but thousands of people in the television industry show there’s a solid need for professionals.

Some well-trodden paths could lead you to a TV career, as well as some unorthodox approaches that just might work. Here are seven ways you could break into the TV business. Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Rising Stars of 2013

14 Aug

Author: Jacob | Filed under: Casting


As a nation, we are pretty obsessed with pop culture and Hollywood stars. So many of us are always on the watch for who is “up and coming,” the “breakout star,” the new kids on Rodeo Drive.

And while some of these stars win fame for just one or two roles, more have been in the game for quite awhile. It’s just taken us this long to notice them. Read the rest of this entry »

Three British Film Institute-Backed Films Shown in Cannes

3 May

Author: guestblog | Filed under: News

Cannes Film Festival

British talent is getting some much needed attention at this year’s Cannes Film Festival as three films backed by the British Film Institute (BFI) will be shown in various Cannes-related events.

The three films got BFI backing through a lottery funding conducted by the BFI itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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