News: Jenny McCarthy Starring in ABC Christmas Movie ‘Santa Baby’

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Well, it was only a matter of time before B actress Jenny McCarthy hit the small screen movie time; and the time has finally come.  Jim Carrey’s sweetheart is starring in an ABC Christmas movie this year. 

McCarthy takes on the role of Santa Clause’s daughter in the made-for-TV movie Santa Baby.  This somewhat entertaining movie is set to debut Saturday, December 9 at 8pm.  Jenny stars as Mary who fled the North Pole to pursue a career as a businesswoman, but returns home when she learns that Father Christmas has taken ill.  How charming.

So be sure that your Saturday night is free & make plans to watch ABCs Santa Baby, but only if you have no life at all.

You tell me- Does Santa Baby look interesting at all?


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5 Comments on “News: Jenny McCarthy Starring in ABC Christmas Movie ‘Santa Baby’

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  2. She is still worthy of stinky on my pinky!

  3. Jenny has been through undeserved personal pain that would make most of us sobbing messes. It is inexcusable that some of you just keep picking at her.


  4. I love Jenny and can’t wait to see her movie ‘Santa Baby’ She is a gifted beautiful actress with a big heart. Im a big fan!!!!! This movie is going to be Great!!!

  5. Putting America’s most outspoken advocate for killing children in a Christmas special? Pretty tone deaf, ABC.

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