Three British Film Institute-Backed Films Shown in Cannes

Cannes Film Festival

British talent is getting some much needed attention at this year’s Cannes Film Festival as three films backed by the British Film Institute (BFI) will be shown in various Cannes-related events.

The three films got BFI backing through a lottery funding conducted by the BFI itself.

The Director’s Fortnight, probably one of the most high profile events during the festival will see the premiere of The Selfish Giant. The film is the second feature from writer/director Clio Barnard. Barnard’s first feature was the well-received The Arbor. The Selfish Arbor revolves around 13 year old Arbor and his friend Swifty, who befriends Kitten, a local scrapdealer. Arbor adores Kitten but the scrapdealer favors Swifty, which creates tension among the two friends. This leads to a tragic event that will eventually change all three characters.

For Those in Peril is the debut film of Scottish writer/director Paul Wright and will be shown during the Canne’s International Critics’ Week. The film centres on Aaron, who was the lone survivor of a fishing accident that killed five people including his brother. Because of local superstition, the village folk blame Aaron for what has happened and he becomes an outcast. But Aaron believes that his brother is not dead so he embarks on a journey to try and recover him and the other men who allegedly died.

The final film is Last Days on Mars, which is directed by Academy Award nominee Ruairi Robinson. The film based on Sydney J. Bounds’ short story. The science fiction movie tells the story of astronauts who went to Mars and discover a bacterial colony living in the permafrost. But prior to their departure back to earth, one of the astronauts gets into an accident and the crew must survive and find a way to contain the infection. Last Days on Mars will also be shown during the Director’s Fortnight.


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