Aliens Vs. Predator Sequel gets a new, dubber, name and release date


Aliens Vs. Predator was a terrible disappointment of a film. For a concept that has so much potential, it’s a amazing how they were able to screw it up – and the sequel isn’t really looking much better. There has even been rumors that it’s going to take place in a small town in present day and dammit that just sounds like a crappy setting. I mean, who wants to follow around a bunch of humans with slasher film stereo types in a movie like this?

I honestly think a movie like this could do fine with no humans at all. Hell – no dialogue – just Aliens Vs. Predators. That would be AWESOME.

Anyway, this potentially craptastic sequel has a title: Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem. I have no idea what they’re thinking with that title.

Also, it’s being released on Christmas Day 2007.

Is it just me, or is that a terrible time to release this flick?

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36 Comments on “Aliens Vs. Predator Sequel gets a new, dubber, name and release date

  1. hey, avp is not craptastic, that movie was awesome with a really good storyline of the history of the predators and their interactions with aliens and humans, and it was just a good movie overall, so before you say your own opinion, review a movie with a nuetral point of view, and i am looking forward to the sequel, so stop being so opinionated as you might just piss some people off, like me

  2. I agree, AVP was a horrible movie. I am a fan of both franchises, mostly Predator, and I wish they would just erase that movie. The Predators were overweight and the interaction between the heroin and the Predator was just corny as hell. It could have been alot better, but they made it for kids which killed it. AVP-R is definitely not for kids, and I think it actually looks really good. Maybe it will revive the Predator franchise. Paul Anderson needs to go jump in the deepest, darkest hole he can find.

  3. Hey! I really like AVP 1. Ian Whyte is SO awesome! Lance Henriksen says, in the audio commentary, “he’s a handsome devil! Right, he is. I like Scar’s brown eyes. Seem so soft…a total contrast to the rest of that face. You see those brown eyes in the scene, where Scar marks Lex. She HAS killed 2 aliens, after all. Cool lady! πŸ™‚ But okay…he is cool! I like the scene, where he snaps the neck of the chest burster, that just came out of Sebastian’s chest. He snaps its neck with only one hand and then sort of growls and shakes his head slightly. Cool!

    I am looking forward to AVP2! Well done, Ian Whyte!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Glad to see, that he is in the sequel, too. He deserves success. Remember, he went from playing basketball in England to playing roles in films. You got to admit, THAT is pretty cool!

  4. I see your point, but I would like to see like a movie viewed totally from the predators side of things.

  5. The truth about AVP is that it was 25% Aliens vs. Predator and 75% bad acting. Aside from that here are some other serious reasons the movie sucked and down right pissed me off due to inconsistencies. First, if you really are a predator fan, then you would realize two important things to the predator 1) his shoulder mounted plasma cannon did not sound that retarded in Predators 1 and 2 as it did when he was shooting some bugs in the pyramid remember that wooo-thush!!! like the snapping of a whip?! that was sick and made the predator great. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE!?!? 2) Paul Andersons genius idea of trying to wow audiences with their robotic skills of the Predators mandibles, they ended up making a new head that looked stupid and nothing like the originals, seriously what did they do with the original models, lose them? not allow them access to them? sell em on E BAY!?! WTF!? The new predators looked like a freaking He Man character, Predator was more toned than that. In addition I highly doubt that one stupid alien could kill TWO predators back to back, no way, very disappointed. In conclusion the coolest scenes were, of course, 1) the entire scene of Aliens vs. Predator (even though they made the Predator’s look like a little wusses getting handled). 2) the true origin of how Humans gained advanced knowledge of architecture, math, science and everything else was the GREATEST scene in the movie, because of its originality, be honest when has a movie shown alien interaction as the means for humans intelligence, maybe a handful and like in the 60’s and 70’s. 3) Finally, when the Predator realizes the heroin is useful, it shows that the Predator is not primitive he’s smart and joins an alliance to take on the bigger foe, brilliant to one who understands the significance of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” cool. Anyways, AVP-R looks awesome, I think these hollywood morons might make an alien movie correctly, this movie looks like something I would create, so there you go. Oh and do I care that its on Jesus’s birthday, um…let me think…NO later, I am watching Predator a real classic movie, my favorite movie and its the final scene, SWEEEET!!

  6. I loved AVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so rocken awsome! It was so cool when the predator stabs the queen in the neck. I didn’t like the second alien. It had really crappy graphics.UUUUUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggg.

    They were horrible. The predators are so high tech going invisible on those sad, almost dead humans.HAhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahahaahhaah.

  7. i thought avp was a little bit of a dissapointment. What really pissed me off was that 2 out of the 3 predators died like 5 minutes after they were introduced(wtf) and it would be pretty cool if there were no humans, except swarchenegger, he could pull it off.

  8. hey!! avp 1 was an ok movie but i really have to agree with jason they made it more of a kids flick. They really gave the alien and the predator a bad name, they are both known as this killer gorie characters but how can a awsome predator help a human?? thats odd. I have a lot of faith toward the sequel there seems to be enough gorie scence and so far da looks of the sequel seems pretty intence…aliens and preadotrs rome a small town and fight!!! thats soo cool!now all we can do is just wait for the sequel and hope the director gives back the name of “alien and predators” once again.

  9. lol avp1 was really for kids lol , i was watching it with my little cuzn and she was crying while adults were like sleeping? lol i was about to leave but nah its fun scarying my little cuzn. i say it was shit. it wasnt even Alien VS Preadator. It was just telling us how they turn to be enemies and blah blah the name of it shoulda been alien and predator documentary lol anyways AVP2 looks better , it looks like the madpredator is back but .. aliens in avp2 looks shity.. the original alien looks better. Well the looks of alien and predators from AVP1 was decent, more organized but AVP2 aliens and predator looks uglier lol but more badasses :] PREDALIEN SON!

  10. I liked the Avp pretty much, though it wasnt the best they could have pulled off. Here some hints, why they kinda srewed the great idea:

    1) How can THREE preds possibly get so badly owned by a single alien? Thats just ridiculous and outrageous, because those flashbacks by that historian clearly show that the preds nearly ALWAYS owned the aliens in the past, and thats not too surprising considering their superior technology (plasma caster, disc etc. and nearly all of their weaponry are guided).

    2) That final struggle against the Queen was sooo lame! Man, I nearly fell asleep…

    3)They should have put much more action into that flick, like dozens of aliens lurking everywhere and the preds fighting them desperately.

    Some reasons why the sequel maybe much better:

    1) The initial AvP was a kinda outline, they can work on it and make the sequel 10 times better.

    2) The idea of letting a pred ship crash somewhere around a village, with the military and preds gathering and engaging into a gory three party war with the aliens, sounds gorgeous. It sounds like some real mayhem and ultimate hunt, and thats exactly what AvP should be all about anyway.

  11. i agree with cameron the 1st movie was so cool maybe you loosers didnt watch it. the only thing this movie has is that it concentrates more with the aliens unlike the 1st movie i mean the aliens are dominating when theres only like 1 predator and the best part is that they show the hybrid THE PREDALIEN so shut up you numbnuts

  12. The first film was never going to live up to everyones expectations
    the producers and directors choice to make this film based on the fact that there was no opposition to making it as well

    honestly they should of stopped there knowing that bigger screen names such as paramount, tristar, 20th century fox didnt want to make it should of made these producers wise up and find some other book to copy.

    The other downside to this movies is that it was made on a very very strick budget and boy do i mean tight by the time they had paid the actors and films crews they had just enough for 2 high tech torches a small and cheap set complet with 6 chambers a long corridor with 2 bends and three sections of underground dark caves and that was pretty much there money gone apart from about $100 they spend on jellys and god knows what not to make the aliens look creepy and druelly with all sorts of liquids pooring off them

    So based on what the production and direction teams had to work with they did very well for themselves thats ontop of the fact that AvP is a very difficult market of production every one has their own little opinion about everything so by the time you have watched both movies im sure that hardcore AvP fans will be going “ye good film but they forgot about these details blah ……… blah …………. blah”

  13. Hey if your calling AVP craptastic then your effin stupid that movie the first and second kicked major assage so you need to get your head checked dude or something because you got problems calling those two movies craptastic!



  14. Personally i like the movie…
    O.K, I’m 15… I haven’t watched a single Alien movie, and i only watched Predator 2… And of course, Alien vs Predator…

    I like Alien vs Predator because it’s more action than horror. I don’t like horrors…
    But, this means that the movie has changed… Which is bad for the fans…

    Alien vs Predator: Requiem looks cool, but i won’t watch it. I’m afraid… πŸ™‚

    I don’t like Alien vs Predator because of three reasons:

    1. Only 3 Predators and a “few” Aliens.
    2. It is insane that 1 Alien can kill 2 Predators so easily:
    a. The first one could had stabbed the Alien in the head when he got pierced with the Aliens tail.
    b. The second one totally owned the Alien. He cut of his tail, smashed walls with him, captured him in that net… And he wasn’t able to kill him.
    3. The movie is too short, and the Human characters die to fast.

    Good movie overall, those three mistakes, plus the the moderate acting and good story and graphics:


    It isn’t a Sci-Fi horror, it’s a Sci-Fi action film. Good movie, but not for hardcore fans.

  15. the movie is good with human in it. why? becouse it adds drama effect and add some sense to the mindless and end less fighting between alien and predators

  16. i think you all need to get your heads out of your asses. sure it sucked but honestly who cares. do you realy need to express the fact that you hate a movie on the internet? have we realy gotten that stupid. just dont watch it!
    i for one liked it somewhat. screw the acting. the best part is predator ass kicking alien and how they tied in giant pyramids and indians. so you can go cryin to the internet caus you dont like a movie. or pull you head out of your ass and see the world. dammit.

  17. Here is my take on the Aliens vs Predator franchise:

    The first installment presented a fairly good story line, but I hate that it’s taking place on earth. That’s not really Sci-Fi IMO. Terrible division of power in that there is ONE major alien killing off TWO of the three predators almost instantly. Kinda cool at first that the predator and the human is ganging up on the aliens, but in retrospect that is an aweful concept – indeed, in the predator movies they show some what of the morality of the predator, but still, humans and predators don’t go together! Some of the sound effects and make up was terrible as well. The sound of the predator’s shoulder cannon sounded like a fart under water and not that cool whipping and slashing sound as in predator 1. Also, the predators looked sooooo fake in AvP1. I laughed when he took off his mask at the end, compared to when he did it in Predator with Arnold – then it was kinda scary (granted I saw it when I was like 13).
    The sequel had great effects I thought, but the story sucked so bad! I was expecting the cavalry of marines and what not to arrive at the end, but instead they blew the place up and all those redneck actors as well. Once again, I hate that it’s on Earth. I was hoping that, after seing the first movie, that it would be an all-out battle between predators and aliens on the predator ship or the aliens infesting the predator home planet after arriving and things of that horrific hardcore sci-fi nature. But then of course there would be no place to put the poor little humans. I didn’t like the fact either that the new hardcore character in AvpR, the predalien, had the ability to impregnate people – WTF?! Could the atleast stick to some Alien and Predator originality if the make another sequel. I think that in order for another sequel to really be good, it has to have nothing to do with the past 2 movies. It would have to be a completely new movie. I also think that the director should look at what made ALIEN and ALIENS and PREDATOR so good and use that in the movie. Keep what is useful and discard what is useless. I also think that the Comic book stories have some great story lines to them, and even the PC Games that were realesed about a decade ago. As a matter of fact, those games still kick serious ass IMO. Please understand though that these are sci-fi movies and they need to be treated that way. The predator movies worked well on earth, but the aliens don’t. It needs to be in space, like on a space tanker, or on some foreign planet in deep space. With all the movie technology today and with all the knowledge that’s out there in terms of movie making, a possible sequel or a new type of Aliens vs Predator movie would a huge task, but also a great reward if done well. I am a huge alien and predator fan and I would love to see more of it coming…

  18. ima huge avp fan so i realy loved avpr..but it could do without any a setting on a different planet and a all against all aliens and predators fighting eachother and stuff…that would be good….i made a blog called so please go there!i need ppl on it…u can make posts…like whos better predator alien or predalien or some other questions…so just go there and make an account!plz go there..avp fans only..but i will let a little haters on..well plz go on

  19. hey plz go on its for anyone with questions or ideas they should have for avp! everyones invited!

  20. hey! did u guys know the predalien was suposed to die in like not even half way through the movie??and her name was “chet” thats so ffin funny..i nearley shit myself when i heard them say that..

  21. Jason the only reason I am not going to use any bad words is because you have the same name as Jason in Friday the 13 (hes my favorite horror villain) AVP fucking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi all!

    As newly registered user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this bbs 😎

  23. i wacht all movies of the aliens only and avp . the 2preds are killed by 1 warrior 1 pred:killed by suprise 2pred:killed in action the acid of the alien cut the net. byfore the ficht against the Queen a alien disabeld hes schoudelcannon i NOTICE it. i am for the alien race i now efrithing about the aliens i can’t wait for the next movie AVP3
    im glad that bicht died on avp2 i hate romantic scenes in horror movies


  25. i have to collection art-images of predator and alien.iam artist and my 15 years old

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  28. I love AVP late year I got my mum to buy me the box set of Alien vs Predator of christmas and she did. It has all of the Aliens moves, both of the Predator moves and also Alien vs Predator 1 and 2 so i was happy to get that. Now ever since my sister Bloom told and show me the move I have now been writing about them. I have also got all of pictures of both of them. But the one Alien that I love has to be the predator it so good looking.

  29. looks to me like you just want to critisize the makers,
    yes its a good film, and i see your point on how it could be improved
    you have no right to say this, as you are not the makers of this film, and if your sooo bothered….dont watch it

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