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One of the best imports from Russia in recent years is Sergei Lukyanenko’s dark fantasy trilogy (and now quadrilogy) Night Watch. The series of books has made Lukyanenko one of the most important authors in the fantasy genre. His Russian take on dark fantasy brought a breath of fresh air to the genre and this unique vision is what makes his books such a hot commodity.

Two of his books have already been turned into live action movies. Night Watch and Day Watch were monster hits in Russia and showed that the Russian film industry can deliver a highly polished end product that can provide the same level of excellence in terms of the technical aspects of it. The latest installment in the franchise, Twilight Watch , is currently being shot in Russia. This third installment, will be shot entirely in English. This is a marked departure from the previous two movies which were shot in Russian. Twilight Watch will also be a co-production venture with the United States’ Fox film company and will have a tentative release date in 2009.

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80 Comments on “Twilight Watch currently filming

  1. I have some worse news for you guys… The film is “on hold”, the Director has had success in America, which means he is now working on American films. So our only hope now is that his next film is complete rubbish, so he can’t get any work in America, moves back to Russia and actually makes a Russian version of Twilight Watch (or Dusk Watch (which will at least mean we wont have to explain it isn’t a sh*tty “Twilight” series film to retards)). Seems unlikely though :(

    On the note of filming in English, I can’t believe they can be that stupid.
    Would Downfall be as good if it is wasn’t in German?
    Would Mesrine be as good if it wasn’t in French?
    Would Pans Labyrinth be as good if it wasn’t in Spanish?
    Would the Educators be as good if it wasn’t in German?
    Would Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon be as good if it wasn’t in Mandarin?
    Oh and would Night Watch and Day Watch be as good if they weren’t in Russian?

    The answer to all these questions and a much longer list I decided not to bore you with is quite clearly NO.

    Does anyone actually not see a film just because it isn’t in English and they don’t want to read, is this really the way the world is going, is it a world anyone wants to live in, and why are these film makers promoting lazy illiteracy.

    If this film does actually come out I think I will cry if it has a Hollywood ending.

  2. I am soooooo DAMN sick of all you people ragging on Americans!!!!! YES WE CAN F***ing READ!!!!!!!! I watch movies in the original language as much as possible. If I am watching a Japanese movie or anime, I watch it IN JAPANESE AND I F***ING READ THE DAMN SUBTITLES!!!!!!!!! Not everyone here in this country is illiterate(Ooh, and I’m African American, too)!!!

    My dad used to say, “When you assume shit you make an ass out of you and me.” Just wait for the movie to come out before you assume that it’s going to be bad because Americans have anything to do with it!!!!

  3. summer 2010. i am an american. i hope that Twilight Watch has been released so that i may find a copy or that i may see it somewhere-if not now,then soon. i am a purist and i love film from other countries-I HATE IT WHEN HOLLYWOOD MONKEYS MONKEY AROUND WITH GOOD THINGS-AMERICA AND AMERICANS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM-HOLLYWOOD AND HOLLYWOOD HOSRES’ ASSES ARE THE PROBLEM. LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAGNIFICENT BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY OF THE 1950s,1960s and 1970s-HOLLYWOOD AND IT’S EVIL SPAWN DECIMATED IT WITH THEIR BIG MONEY. most Americans that I know love foreign film and we lament the days of the 1980s and 1990s when American TV was replete with cinema from other nations. I myself am a great lover of French,British,Russia,Italian and Asian Film-preferably in the original languages. as a lover of culture and as a believer in culture I am outraged that The Evil Dead From Hollywood would want or even allow an atrocity such as a mutilation and mutation of the Daywatch films to occur. I am a dire enemy of Multiculturalism and Multilingualism but I am a great respecter and defender of the great cultures such as those of the Russians. only the idiot zombies of Hollywood would want a fine Russian film to be in English. It is typical and charactaristic of things in my country as of the momemt-LOUDER,CRUDER,DUMBER. LEAVE THIS GOOD THING ALONE!!! i am also a lover of comic imports and right now I am teaching myself French,Spanish,Portugese and Italian so that i can read my original-language comic books.This will also be useful for reading many books that have not been translated into English. Most Americans are not ignorant buffoons-only most of our bigwigs and other such pests and vermin-mostly from our principle cities. No person here in my part of Alabama would be so stupid or so ignorant as to want a Russian film to be in English-we people of The South have long been the victims of foreign influence and cultural imperialism and the Northern barbarians continue to ruin us even as they ruin themselves. By the way,I am a Black guy.Alabama is my ancestral and current home-but New York City and New Jersey are the homes of my heart and where I mostly grew up.It there was that I became who I am- living with and among people of many origins and nationalities gave me a great appreciation of other peoples and of their cultures-SOMETHING LACKING IN HOLLYWOOD.Hollywood is a moral sore and a cultural cancer.

  4. And to the Americabashers and Yankhaters-GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!! Every nation is full of culturally illiterate anthropoids and every nation is largely populated by nationally chauvanistic(spelling ?) morons. America is no different-your homes are no different. Evil and stupid individuals and evil and stupid attitudes and institutions are the problem- not whole nations and entire populations.Some nations are just worse off than others-In the 21st Century most nations more or less suck-LOUDER,CRUDER,DUMBER. History and everyday life prove this. You as individuals should be among the freinds of civilization.not it’s enemies-such as the australipithecines who want to enslave or destroy all of us. I myself do not go around insulting or disparaging entire nations and nationalities-it would be imbecilic and uneducated to do so. I do however revile a vast number of demonic individuals and diabolic institutions who help to make our world a worse place. Every sane and normal person loves his or her own nation,wishes welll to it’s friends and hates it’s enemies.Hence the name Totenkopf.GET IT,DUMMKOPFS?

  5. I don’t care when it comes out, i just hope to god that they let Mel Gibson play Anton, and Scarlet Johanson play Svetlana.

  6. I’m American and an American soldier. Making this movie in english, for a lack of a better word, will phuc it up! Dah?

  7. I like trawling the second hand games shops for cheap films , you can risk £2 on an unknown , & have only just found & watched DOWNFALL , god how chilling that film is ! & it,s true if that was in English it would be unbelievable & irrevellent . It,s a pity a more left field director hadn,t done RED OCTOBER with all russian on the R O as it actually began , or WIDOW MAKER – how even better with an all russian unknown cast in russian !

  8. I literally just finished watching Day Watch and thought i would check out to see when Twilight Watch is gonna be made. I’m so pissed off to hear that fox bought the rights for filming, they really know how to fuck up a good thing. If this movie gets released by the fox company with american actors it will destroy the franchise. COME ON FOX WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!I really hope they just bought it to make money and not to produce the shit out of it. Timur Bekmambetov had also better be directing it too, any hardcore fans out the, make some noise and spam every chat room, blog and review site with comments to make them do the movie justice. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!

  9. Hm, I think it may be never really made, as I have recently watched the second one and it has a pretty close end. It doesn’t look to me like it is going to be continued.

  10. hey toru! why do you say that? have you read the books? i havent read them yet, so i dont know weather the whole story could just end where it was. im so keen to see another though

  11. Hey, thought you may all like to know I just emailed fox with a short painful letter, it would pretty awesome if you could all do the same, since the only people that will go see this movie will be its fans, i suggest fox start paying more attention to the fans.

    the letter read..

    Dear Fox,

    Rumour has it that you’re taking over the night & day watch sequel; The Twilight watch. except this time, you’ll be making it in English, and since Konstantin Khabenskiy speaks poor English, its safe to assume you’re replacing a stellar cast with some Hollywood trash.

    you’re going to kill something beautiful and I am very very disappointed in you.

  12. No, I haven’t read the books either, but the end of the second film is not open, there is no unsolved matters and stuff like this, so, even though the books are three, there is no reason to make a third film. However, I would love too to watch another one, of course!

    Anyway, according to what I have read, the films do not follow estrictly the books, since the books are made of short stories related one to each other, or something like that, and the films are a kind of ‘remix’ of everything made to fit into just one story.

    I wish I could know more, as I just have some vague ideas. And I wish more I could see an advertisement of a third film soon! That would be a nice surprise ^o^

  13. read news releases idiots. I wish with all of my heart that twilight watch will come out, but apparently a$$h0l3 decided that “wanted” was the movie he wanted to do instead and it replaced any aspect of twilight watch that would ever be released. soooo basically the movie twilight watch may or may not come out but if it does probably your kids will see it before you do. i’m as upset as you are trust me.

  14. I do not believe they will change the actor’s that would be a total failure and they want to make money. I don’t know why all of you are complaining about the English. If you want the movie in Russian then buy the movie via internet from Russia, I do believe they will make both. The first 2 movie’s are on the top of my list of favorite movie’s. I am an American and hope everything is the same as the first two. I watched the first 2/3rd’s the way through in Russian reading subtitle’s then started it back up and it started playing the dubbed which i did not know was available. I watched it again dubbed because the movie is awe inspiring to see. You people should not be so down on American’s we should all get along and love everyone. What does “stuff thing’s up” mean? Why do you call us Yank’s prejudice is bad, I still love all you Russian’s. I hope to go there someday it is one of 3 countries I want to see the most.

  15. America sticks its nose where it isn’t needed! The movies weren’t the best movies, but they’re way better without America messing with them! Yes, I am american… But I didn’t mind reading the sub titles! The books were made in Russia, took place in Russia, originally written in Russia, and that’s how the movies should be too! The actors were great and now America is ruining things all over again! Arg!
    Yeah, I completely agree with you… I just finished the book Twilight Watch… (Dusk Watch… Whatever the original name is) and it still has characters that died from Day Watch the movie… The characters were a really big part in Twilight Watch too! (Its been a while since I watched the movies…) I’m not really sure how Anton is going to become an other now that he has rewritten his life. The movies were very different from the books… Night Watch (the movie) was the first part to Night Watch (the book…) Just a little different. Day Watch (the movie) was the second part in Night Watch (the book…) Just a little different… I hope your able to understand that… Its a little confusing… XD

  16. I hope we who have waited for Twilight Watch are not disappointed. The first two movies Night Watch and Day Watch were so exciting. Many of us are anxiously awaiting the third leg of this great trilogy. Let’s hope the sly “Fox” hasn’t fooled us again!

  17. Jerrah D.W.,
    Do you think that the russian actors will suddenly learn english? I really doubt that… You don’t see this the way everyone else does. Everyone else want it to be made how it should be… From Russia! The other books and movies have the Russian culture, but something from America won’t… And by the way, we can’t, “all get along and love everyone,” it just isn’t possible… We’re always going to hate someone… I bet you hate someone right now…

    Mathew Berriman,
    You’re awesome! 😀

  18. Everyone keeps blaming this on America…. Uh last time I checked Fox was owned by Rupert Murrdoch who is I believe Australian. Just a thought

  19. Actually, Fox is owned by an American.
    Rupert Murdoch renounced his Australian citizenship in 1985 to become an American so as to further his business interests.

  20. @фйбй
    I’m glad someone else on this thread seems to have actually read the books, I was wondering the same thing about how they could make it into a Trilogy after how much they changed what happens in the films compared to the books.

    I saw Nightwatch before I read the books, then I read all the first 3 books of the Watch sequence before Daywatch, and was disappointed by the changes: I don’t like when film deviates from book.

    As to the language, Russian vs. English, what made Nightwatch that much more awesome for me was the theatrical subtitles, and the way they had been made a real part of the film, even if you are Russian, I recommend watching Nightwatch with the English theatrical subtitles just to experience that much more…

    P.s. Am I the only one who thought even Daywatch (film) was a poor sequel to Nightwatch (film)? Even that was too “hollywood” for my liking… Anyone who hasn’t read the books, do yourselves a favour and read them, they’re way better! In fact, I’m going to re-read them now!

  21. i am so pissed its in english and us STUPID americans have to ruin EVERYTHING because we can! GA!!!! im so not happy!!!!!!!!

  22. I absolutely loved the first two films (own both DVDs and rewatch them often), and I’m very much looking forward to the final installment in the trilogy! While I agree that the movie will not have the same impact if it is either replaced with American actors, or forced to be English speaking, I feel that reviling an entire nation of people based on the idiocy of a few is ignorant. Just my opinion.

    P.S. Loved the Alaska comment ↑. I’m a born and raised Alaskan and I came this close ” ” to being Russian.

  23. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to have a third movie. Anton is an Other in all of the books and Kostya is the one of main characters throughout Twilight Watch and they killed him in the movies so…

  24. I am so excited that they finally decided to continue to book series into film! Love it! :-)

  25. I’m an American/Texan. I absolutely loved the first 2 movies. I’m sad to hear that the next movie will be made in English. This makes no sense. The author is Russian. The first 2 movies were filmed in Russian. Why change the language? Why change horses in mid stream? This is disastrous! This may ensure that the 4th book never hits the big screen. Very sad.

    I can’t help but wonder if the decision regarding language was made in order to milk the “Twilight” vampire series fans a little more. Bleh. I haven’t read those books or seen those movies but from what I understand the “Twilight” and “Watch” series books and movies are not even similar (I hope!).

    Regardless of the obvious mistake that will be made in filming it in English I will be anxious to see it.

  26. Jeez, shut up all of you. It should be better since it’s being American made. Can be at a faster pace and not some lame foreign crap that moves too damn slow! The movies were mediocre at best aside from the action parts. If this was “cleaned up” in America and marketed in America, they could be huge…so STFU!

  27. I LOVE HIS SEXY RUSSIAN VOICE..they would be better off speaking there own language with the same characters.

    It better be one heck of a movie otherwise..i’ll be marching up to the director and demand he make it again!! properly.

  28. By the way , are the books written in English? I wanna read them!!

  29. Wow totally not in favour of hollywood stamping its foot all over this franchise…
    Just look at how they have to remake every japanese horror out there, usually for the worse.

    I have to say though I didn’t really like how much they changed the movies from the original books. Wish they’d actually made movie daywatch follow the book daywatch, rather than nightwatch part 2 lol. well everyones a critic 😛

  30. Guys, Just relax a little bit. I’m Russian Moscovite, all right. Lukyanenro is not Dostoyevskiy or a great author by any means. But he had his moments. Let hime enojoy entering the establisments. By the way, I like the movies a lot, espesially because of the fact that they dropped all the Lukyanenko’s philosphical moments. That was a really pathetic part of his texts.

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